Product and Design Options

Micro-Tek Corp. has broad capabilities to produce SOLID  Density PTFE Dielectric for use in coaxial cable. Micro-Tek Corp. can produce Solid PTFE Dielectric in solid or stranded Silver Plated Copper (SPC), Silver Plated Copper Weld (SPCW) or Nickel Plated Copper (NiPC).

The VoP of the dielectric to provide  in the range of 68%-69%

PTFE has the lowest dielectric constant (highest velocity of propagation) and lowest loss tangent of any plastic making it ideal for use in coaxial core applications.  Fully sintered PTFE is very robust as a dielectric.  Core made with PTFE are subject to phase instability, primarily around its first order transition temperature of about 66 F.  Phase instability will cause signal delay in a coaxial cable.