Shielded twisted pair cables, in which a pair of conductors of a single circuit are twisted together to cancel out electromagnetic interference from outside sources, are widely used.

Example of an Aerospace application:

Micro-Tek was contracted by a customer in the aerospace industry to manufacture custom shielded twisted pair cable for use in a critical aerospace application.

The customer specifications called for the use of silver plated copper wire insulated with Teflon® PTFE.

After the wires were insulated with Teflon® PTFE, the cabler was employed to twist the wires into cable, which was subsequently wrapped with Kapton® tape. This tape is a polyimide film known for its stability across a wide range of temperatures, and ideal for the conditions frequently encountered in aerospace applications.

After the tape wrap, a 90% coverage SPC shield was applied. The twisted pair cable was finished with a flexible PFA jacket to provide additional chemical and corrosion resistance.

In addition to submitting the cable to both measurement and spark testing, we also verified its integrity by subjecting it to 2500 volts.

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Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and used under license by Micro-Tek.