George Rogers

Micro-Tek Corporation was founded in 1965 by George Rogers as the Miniature Insulated Wire Company and was incorporated under its present name in September of 1966. Micro-Tek is now under 3rd Generation family ownership. This 27,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility is located on ten acres of land in Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

Micro-Tek specializes in custom drawing, flattening, stranding and insulating, cutting and stripping of fine wire and cable .0009″ (AWG #50) and larger. Chemours fluoropolymer resins (Teflon® PTFE, FEP, PFA and Tefzel® ETFE) are extruded on various nonferrous, ferrous, plated, unplated, thermocouple and alloy wires in single-end, concentric, roped and bunched configurations. Extruded walls as thin as .0035″ and made with Teflon® PTFE are just one of our precision-engineered products. Stainless steel reinforced stranded conductors are available as replacements for expensive alloy conductors. Micro-Tek manufactures flat stainless steel wire for braiding, as well as flat silver plated wire and bare copper wire for shielding.

Micro-Tek’s customer base is worldwide and supplies products to many international corporations and OEMs. It specializes in custom and short runs, close OD tolerance control, thin walls, fine sizes (such as AWG #42/750), flexible constructions, long lengths, etched surfaces, extruded stripes, as well as Teflon® PTFE capillary tubing. These wires can be cabled, shielded, jacketed, cut (lengths from .500″), and heat stripped to customer specifications. “Summa Flex”, an extremely high flex life wire construction, is another specialty.

It is a major manufacturer of thin-walled Teflon® PTFE capillary tubing ranging from .012″ OD to .095″ OD with a wall thickness of .002″ ± .0005″ or more. These can be precision-cut to lengths as short as .006″ ± .0002″ with ID and OD tolerances held to ± .001″. This tubing is available stress-relieved, hydrostatically tested, in solid colors, or with inlaid extruded stripes and with ID and/or OD etched for bondability. It can be used for fiber optic splices, ultra-miniature electrical sleeving, medical, mechanical, gas, and chemical tubing. In addition to wire, Micro-Tek manufactures very fine Teflon® PTFE mono-filaments .010″ OD and larger.

Micro-Tek is proud of its reputation for high-quality products and on-time deliveries. Its primary focus is providing highly technical custom-manufactured products to individual customer specifications.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and used under license by Micro-Tek.