Multi Min Wire

Micro-Tek offers a range of fine gauge, thin wall hook-up wire products. These are offered with extruded fluoropolymers to provide a consistent and smooth outside diameter with no seams or surface imperfections that can occur in tape wrapped constructions. All products are currently offered in solid colors. These constructions are an extension of the MIL-W-16878 classification.

Silver plated copper constructions are rated to 200˚ C max continuous service temperature. Conductors such as nickel plated copper, stainless steel (304/316L), high strength copper alloys, silver plated copper clad steel, and thermocouple wire are available as well. Customer supplied material can be insulated per individual specifications.

Voltage ratings for standard constructions are listed in the table below. Custom, thinner wall constructions are available with reduced voltage ratings or for mechanical purposes only. Wire can be treated with etch for bondability in-house.

Our engineering expertise and range of manufacturing capabilities are unmatched in the industry.

High Temperature Insulated Wire

Micro-Tek offers a broad range of insulated high temperature wire for applications where performance is needed in extreme conditions; including: sensor wire, high temperature wire harnesses and hook up wires.

AWG StrandingConductor Diameter "A"Outside Diameter "B" MaximumNominal WeightVoltage Rating (Volts)Compare to
inchesmminchesmmLb/1000 ftkg/km
28 (1)0.01260.320.0190.4830.620.924150H01A007
30 (1)0.01000.2540.0160.4060.420.626150H01A010
30 (7/38)0.01200.300.0180.4570.470.701150H01A015
32 (1)0.00800.200.0140.3560.290.432150H01A020
32 (7/40)0.00930.2460.0160.4060.320.477150H01A030
34 (1)0.00630.160.0120.3050.210.313150H01A040
34 (7/42)0.00750.190.0140.3560.230.343150H01A050
36 (1)0.0050.1270.0110.2790.1560.233150H01A060
36 (7/44)0.0060.1520.0120.3050.170.253150H01A070
38 (1)0.0040.1020.0100.2540.0960.143100H01A080
38 (7/46)0.0050.1270.0110.2790.0990.148100H01A085
40 (1)0.00310.0790.0090.2290.0710.106100H01A090
40 (3/44)0.00430.1090.0100.2540.0870.130100H01A095
42 (1)0.00260.0660.0090.2290.0560.083100H01A100
42 (3/46)0.00340.0860.0090.2290.0680.101100H01A105

Sub Miniature

Compare to GORE H01AXXX product lines.

Download Sub-Miniature PTFE Hook-up Wire (PDF – 111KB)