Micro-Tek Corp.  PHAS-Tek low density FEP or PFA or coaxial core takes our conventional core to higher levels of performance by increasing the core’s velocity of propagation. Micro-Tek Corp.  PHAS-Tek is available over a similar range of diameters and conductors as our conventional core but offers VoPs from 76%- 82%. This product is supplied as a component to manufacturers of flexible and semi-rigid RF and microwave coaxial cables.

Product Details

Conductors can be stranded or solid, silver or nickel plated copper or copper clad steel. Electrical and physical dimensions are tightly controlled to meet the requirements of each finished cable specification for the RF and microwave coaxial cable markets.

  • Melt extruded phase-stable foamed core is made with either FEP or PFA, and thus is not subject to the phase instability seen with PTFE.  This core is typically made in the 80 – 82% VoP range.  Its dielectric loss is higher than the PTFE cores as the loss tangent of PTFE is lower than either FEP or PFA.
  • One of this core’s biggest applications is with jet fighter military applications

PTFE has the lowest dielectric constant (highest velocity of propagation) and lowest loss tangent of any plastic making it ideal for use in coaxial core applications.  Fully sintered PTFE is very robust as a dielectric.  Core made with PTFE are subject to phase instability, primarily around its first order transition temperature of about 66 F.  Phase instability will cause signal delay in a coaxial cable.